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Let me greet the visitors of our homepage as Dean of Óbuda University, Donát Bánki Faculty of Mechanical and Safety Engineering, a brandnew university faculty still with remarkable traditions.


Incoming deadline! Apply for Huawei ‘Seeds for the Future’ program 2021!

Dear Student,

Welcome to the Huawei Seeds for the Future Program 2021 from 19th, April – 26th April. We are offering college undergraduates or fresh graduates – from all academic backgrounds, the opportunity to join an online experience around technology innovation and cross-cultural exchange. Are you interested in the ICT sector because you see it as an industry that will shape the future? Are you fascinate by the rise of Asia and ever wondered how things look like for companies operating in a dynamic global business in China? If the answer to these questions is “yes”, we want to hear from you.

If you want to join the Seeds community this year, we highly recommend you to follow the step-by-step guide to the application process:

Step 1: Check the Application Requirements

We are looking for undergraduate or graduate students in their bachelor or master’s degree studies, who:

-        GPA 3.0 or above, or ranking in the top 30% in the faculty

-        Have strong interest in ICT industry and China, and great enthusiasm for learning

-        Have good English language ability

Step 2: Prepare Application Materials

Please prepare your application materials in English:

-        Resume / CV (Europass type)

-        Digital transcript that proofs academic records

-        Digital certificate about the active student status at university

-        A max. 400 words cover letter and/or a 1-minute personal video which reflects objective to participate, interest in ICT and China, and enthusiasm for learning

Step 3: Submit Application

Please submit you application to and cc:

Email subject:【Seeds for the Future 2021 Application】Student Name + University
In a single Word / PDF file:

-        Application Form

-        Resume / CV

-        A cover letter which reflects objective to participate, interest in ICT and China, and enthusiasm for learning


-        A transcript that proofs academic records and active student status certificate

-        If you choose to make a video - 1-minute personal video

Reward for the successful training and exam:

-        Huawei SEEDs certificate

-        Huawei Freebuds 4i 

-        SEEDs 2021 festival participation (physical/hybrid event, planned for May-June, up to the Covid situation)

Thank you, waiting to receive your application,

Mariann Gecse and Joseph He
the corporate communication team by Huawei Technologies Hungary


Successes of Bánki’s students at SMART University Hackathon

Óbuda University announced a student competition in the interest of innovation and the improvement of quality of student services. The aim of the contention was that the student teams draw up solution models which can be implemented in practice about the following themes: developing online solutions supporting education: University 4.0, to lay out Digital Registrar’s Office and its services, developement of the enrollment program and create a platform for that.


The past 10 years of RECCS

This year would have been the 10th jubilee RECCS Pasta Bridge Builder World Championship, which we were very prepared for, but unfortunately we could not hold it due to the COVID viral situation and because of that, we do not have the opportunity to compete live, here in Budapest. However, we would not like RECCS to forget, so here we go, today is the original day of the competition and we celebrate the past beautiful years with some memories, please welcome our short video about RECCS.


Óbuda University Donát Bánki Faculty and Dahua Technology Hungary Kft. concluded a cooperation general agreement

The Óbuda University Donát Bánki Faculty of Mechanical and Safety Engineering consider its emphasized task that develop cooperation with a wider circle with its industrial and professional partners. We wish to accomplish that task with organizing collective educational programs and forming cooperation frameworks being aimed at professional practice locations. The cooperation agreement between Dahua Technology Hungary Kft. and Óbuda University means one of the elements of this process.

The agreement was signed ceremonially on 6th March 2020 at Óbuda University Banki Faculty. They were there at the meeting from the Faculty: Dr. Erzsébet Ancza Vice Dean for Education, Dr. Richárd Horváth Vice Dean for Research, Andrea Barta Head of Dean’s Office, József Balogh Head of Dean’s Secretariat, Prof. Dr. Tibor Kovács Associate Professor, Head of Department, Dr. Endre Szűcs Senior Lecturer, Éva Beke Erasmus Coordinator, Mihály Illés College Assistant Lecturer and György Hasilló Management Administrator. From the Company: Flynn Jiang Country Manager of Hungary, Zsolt Teleki Country Sales Manager, Zoltán Sonkoly Business Development Manager, Enikő Dudás Marketing Manager and Viktor Horváth Technical Support Engineer (Previous student from Bánki).

After József Balogh’s lead-in Endre Szűcs described our security engineering training’s characteristics. A short time after when Mr. Jiang informed us about the company, Zsolt Teleki presented Dahua’s organizational structure and the latest results of the company. Both halves expressed their cooperation intention, in which they see serious potential on the undermentioned areas:

  • - Common professional and training projects
  • - Participation in the University’s bachelor and master training programmes
  • - Applied research and establishing common research centers
  • - Provision of off-site practice locations
  • - Operation of student scholarship system
  • - Joint realization of trainee programmes
  • - Professional social-network development, realization of joint professional events
  • - Promotion of the Partner by the University and support appearance at job fairs

We are hoping that this new agreement strengthen our students practical training and familiarize innovative solutions and modern technology in a wider circle. We are confident that we can look forward to a fruitful cooperation.

It was an extremely nice experience since all participants initiated topics spontaneously, such as study groups, life at the university and offered several programs to arrange in the future.


György Hasilló

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